• Cleanroom USP 797 Curtain
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Cleanroom Curtain


The solid flexible curtains are made from a variety of 12 mil to 80 mil materials depending upon the requirement. Curtains are used to ensure unidirectional air flow over sensitive work areas or enclose an area that does not require accessibility.

Attachment of soft wall panels is done by using either non-particulating Dual-Lock, or by using nuts and bolts. Weighted bottoms are provided on all materials less than 40 mil thick. Panels are custom made to the width and height the application requires.

The Nut & Bolt method is the traditional strip door mounting method on all heavy duty 80 mil, 8: strip curtains. Also used to mount 40 mil and 60 mil strip curtains of various widths.

Curtain Material

Vinyl 12 mil to 80 mil
Clear Antistatic Vinyl
Fire Retardant
Black Static Dissipative

Other options available.