Wafer Inspection Lamp


The SB-100Y semiconductor Wafer Inspection Lamp is ideal for fast, non-destructive detection of surface contamination wafers. It was designed for use throughout the wafer fabrication process.

It is equipped with a high intensity 100 watt bulb, emitting strong mercury lines 546, 577, and 579 mm. A special yellow filter blocks emission of wave lengths shorter than 500 nm, protecting against activation of the photoresist. These features maximize visibility allowing the inspector to see contaminants as small as 10 microns.

The compact, lightweight lamp head may be rotated 360 degrees in both horizontal and vertical positions while mounted at the transformer base, or detaches easily for hand held use. It may also be permanently mounted in wafer fabrication and test areas. Both the lamp head and the base are housed in rugged aluminum. UL listed.