Cleanroom Pass Throughs

Adding a pass through to your cleanroom provides an easy and efficient way to transfer materials and equipment into the cleanroom. Pass throughs help to eliminate the volume of unnecessary traffic, reduce cross-contamination, and maintain the positive pressure of the cleanroom.


CleanroomSupply offers wall mounted pass through windows as well as floor mounted pass through cabinets.

Wall mounted pass thru windows facilitate the transfer of materials through a small chamber installed in the cleanroom wall at a comfortable and convenient standing height. This “window” prevents the personnel traffic that could potentially cross contaminate the workspace.

Floor mounted pass through cabinets (also known as cart pass thrus) are free standing units that permit carts and larger items to be rolled into the cleanroom. Both styles are offered in numerous sizes, materials, and accessory options as well as full custom builds.


Additional features and accessories include mechanical door interlocks, vertical sliding door(s), and built in HEPA filtration among others. Trim kits and wall supports can be provided to assist with installation.

Stainless Steel Pass Through Window - CAP18
Wall Mounted Pass Through Windows

Wall-Mounted Cleanroom Pass Through Windows allow for quick movement of product, tools and supplies in and out of your cleanroom, pharmaceutical, or controlled environment area. Styles Offered in stai...

cleanroom pass thru cabinet
Floor Mounted Pass Thru Cabinets

CleanroomSupply Floor Mounted Cleanroom Pass Throughs allow you to easily move carts in and out of your cleanroom, pharmaceutical, or controlled environment area. Additional features include mechanic...