Cleanroom Components

CleanroomSupply can provide all the cleanroom components needed to create a class 100,000 (ISO 8) to class 10 (ISO 4) vertical flow or horizontal flow cleanroom. This includes the motorized or ducted cleanroom HEPA/ ULPA filters and the ceiling or wall air return chases; all ceiling components including cleanroom ceiling tiles, lights and gasketing, paint for proper treatment of the wall surfaces, vinyl flooring provides a seamless, wax-free floor surface, talk through windows. Our Clean Room Pass Throughs are either floor or wall mount pass through styles. These cleanroom pass throughs offer protection when moving parts in or out of a cleanroom. With our 20 years of experience, we can assist with cost effective cleanroom design solutions.

Contact us on how to achieve compliance of USP 797.

clean room ceiling tiles
Ceiling Tiles

CleanroomSupply supplies a collection of ceiling tiles suited for a variety of applications and environments such as cleanrooms, hospitals, restaurants, food preparation areas, laboratory, and even ph...

Filters & Prefilters
Cleanroom Filters

CleanroomSupply can provide a wide selection of sizes in cleanroom HEPA and ULPA filters in either aluminum, stainless steel or wood frames.

Stainless Steel Pass Through Window - CAP18
Cleanroom Pass Throughs

Adding a pass through to your cleanroom provides an easy and efficient way to transfer materials and equipment into the cleanroom.

clean room curtains
Curtains & Plastic Strip Doors

CleanroomSupply can meet all your cleanroom curtain needs with either solid curtain panels or strip doors.

vinyl clean room floor
Flooring & Vinyl Flooring

Our vinyl clean room flooring is either provided in either static dissipative or conductive levels of resistance.


We offer cleanroom Lights rated class 10 through class 100,000 for hospitals, laboratories, food processing and medical device.

Cleanroom Paint

We provide cleanroom wall and floor paint. Our cleanroom paint is a water based acrylic epoxy.

cleanroom components talk through window
Talk Through Window

Our talk through window allows communication without the expense of electronic equipment.

Terminal Filters
Terminal Filters

We offer a variety of terminal filters for your cleanroom or hood needs.