Contamination Control Flooring

CleanroomSupply sells a full line of particle- retaining floors that remove the finest contaminating particles from shoes or wheels.

Dycem's High Performance Contamination Control Zones combine a unique polymeric compound with advanced processing technology. The exceptionally smooth surface creates a natural tack and a high degree of short-range electromagnetic forces (Van der Waals). This enables it to attract, collect and retain over 99% of particles, ranging from over 100 microns to less than 0.2 microns. This contamination is held on the surface until cleaned off.

clean room floor cleaning supplies
Cleanroom Floor Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning is simple. We offer Dycem's complete range of cleaning products designed to compliment its range of Contamination Control Zones.

clean room flooring

CleanZone Premier is a High Performance Contamination Control Zone designed to attract, collect and retain foot & wheel borne contamination, preventing particles and microbes from getting into you...

clean room floor installation supplies
Installation Supplies

Dycem will provide all of the supplies needed to install their flooring.