ESD Static Control

CleanroomSupply offers a complete selection of ESD safe cleanroom products to assist in your static control needs.


  • Meters and other instruments for determining static voltage levels, polarity, grounding, and other parameters
  • Static neutralizing blow off guns, blowers, fans, nozzles, and bars can be provided for cleanrooms, cleanbenches and general industrial applications.
  • Grounding wrist straps, heel straps, table mats, and anti-fatigue mats
  • A wide selection of foil, ESD bags
  • Storage cabinets, totes, and dispensers constructed of ESD safe materials
  • Cleanroom garments of several materials, colors, and styles specifically designed for the safe handling of sensitive devices
  • ESD conductive tapes for sealing sensitive totes or other cleanroom applications.
  • Static dissipative or conductive vinyl flooring is available as well as a complete offering of cleanroom floor cleaners and floor finishes.

More Information

For more information, please explore our various categories below.

Bags Static Control
Bags - Static Control

We carry Anti-Static Bags, Static Shielding Bags and ESD Barrier Bags.

Cleaners Static Control
Cleaners - Static Control

We carry a full line hand and work area cleanrers design for static control.

Picture of ESD Safe Static Control Dispensers

Our ESD safe, static control dispensers and bottles insure the quality of product and come in a variety of sizes and styles. Styles Styes range from round storage bottles, spray bottles, and dispenser...

cleanroom static control documentation

We offer a variety of static dissipative binders and clipboards.

Static Control Storage Bins
ESD Safe Storage

We have ESD safe bins, totes and carts for your static controlled storage needs.

Colored Static Control Tape
ESD Tape

MNASTPC-C | Anti-Static Clear Tape NovaStat tape is a transparent tape specially designed for use in ESD-sensitive environments.

cleanroom static control flooring

We carry conductive, anti-static and ESD vinyl flooring and Dycem particle-retaining floors for your cleanroom use.

cleanroom static control furniture esd

CleanroomSupply offers Bevco’s ESD safe cleanroom seating for controlled environment applications that require static control.

cleanroom static control garments

We carry all static control launderable garments, from hoods to boots.

cleanroom static control ionizing air guns
Ionizing Air Guns

We carry a full line of Cleanroom Ionizing Air Guns for your cleanroom needs including Air Flow Controllers and Air Gun Filter Replacements.

cleanroom static control ionizing fans blowers
Ionizing Fans & Blowers

We carry a full line of overhead and bench top ionizing fans and blowers.

cleanroom static control lotions

We carry a wide range of ESD safe lotions.

cleanroom static control toe heel grounders
Toe and Heel Grounders

We carry heel, toe and sole grounders.

cleanroom static control wrist straps cords
Wrist Straps / Cords

We carry a variety of wrist straps and cords.