Gowning Room Components

CleanroomSupply can supply all the cleanroom equipment you need to set up your gowning room. We have a wide selection of gowning benches and cleanroom garment racks, which can be customized. Look no further for cleanroom storage, or cleanroom furniture: shelving, mirrors, sinks, hand dryers and trash cans, these cleanroom items come in many sizes and materials to match your gowning room requirements.

Many of the products listed in this section can be used to achieve compliance of USP 797.

cleanroom gowning room components benches

Our cleanroom gowning benches range from Plastic to Stainless Steel, and are available free standing or permanent, with or without shoe bins.

cleanroom dispenser

Get clutter off counters and floors! Our cleanroom dispensers keep work areas clean and allow disposable cleanroom supplies to be in one location – no more endless searching.

cleanroom gowning room components gowning racks
Gowning Racks

We can provide you with racks and hooks for your gowning room needs.

cleanroom gowning room components hangers

We carry acrylic, stainless steel and annodized aluminum hangers to protect your gowning room from contamination.

cleanroom gowning room components lockers
Cleanroom Lockers

Keep street clothing and valuables safe and secured in our cleanroom gowning room lockers.

cleanroom gowning room components mirrors

We can provide you with a variety of sizes of high quality cleanroom mirrors.

cleanroom gowning room components shoe cleaners
Shoe Cleaners

Our Shoe Cleaners remove harmful particles before entering the cleanroom. The shoe cleaners are available with an internal vacuum or can be attached to a central system

cleanroom gowning room components shelving

We carry chrome and stainless steel shelving for your gowning room requirements.

cleanroom gowning room components shoe racks
Shoe Racks

Keep shoes neat and off the floor with our handy shoe racks. Call us at 888-270-0458 for product information, availability and pricing. Or simply Contact CleanroomSupply to let us know your specific ...

cleanroom gowning room components sinks

We offer a wide range of stainless steel sinks for your gowning room convenience. Call us at 888-270-0458 for product information, availability and pricing. Or simply Contact CleanroomSupply to let u...

cleanroom gowning room components soap dispensers
Soap Dispensers

Our touch-free dispensers pre-measure lotions and soaps and protect against the spread of contaminants.

cleanroom gowning room components waste receptcles
Waste Receptacles

Our painted and stainless steel waste receptacles are available with wheels, handles and step touch openings.