Get clutter off counters and floors! Our cleanroom dispensers keep work areas clean and allow disposable cleanroom supplies to be in one location – no more endless searching. Cleanroom dispensers are made of acrylic or PETG plastic. We have cleanroom dispensers for cleanroom gloves, wipes and garments: bouffant caps, shoe covers, earplugs and safety glasses. Cleanroom dispensers can be made in custom sizes to meet your cleanroom equipment needs. You too can have a place for everything with CleanroomSupply’ cleanroom dispensers.

Many of the products listed in this section can be used to achieve compliance of USP 797.

Plastic Wipe DIspenser
Plastic Dispensers

These plastic cleanroom dispensers are meant for storing and dispensing your favorite gowning items such as booties, bouffants, face masks, gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, and wipes.

Stainless Steel Glove Dispenser
Stainless Steel Dispensers

If you need the high quality look and safety of a stainless steel dispensers, we can help. Call us at 888-270-0458 for product information, availability and pricing.Or simply contact us to let us know...

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser - Large - KBLG
Automatic Dispensers

Make gowning easier with automatic dispensers!