Cleanroom Tape

We carry a full line of cleanroom tapes in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

All Micronova tapes are available, so please browse some options below or call CleanroomSupply for more details. 1-888-270-0458

  • EGV Industrial Grade Vinyl Tape
  • CuffStrip Tape
  • CR100IR Tape Irradiated Cleanroom Tape
  • CSLB MicroSeal Tape
  • CGT Conductive Grid Tape
  • 825 Extreme Temperature Polyimide Film Tape
  • MTP MegaTape
  • SST Black & Yellow Striped Safety Tape
  • NovaStat Anti-Static Tape
cleanroom packaging products tape
CR100PC Cleanroom Tape

The tape is a precision vinyl tape specially processed for applications in and around the cleanroom.

cleanroom packaging products tape
EGP Cleanroom Tape

This polyethylene tape is for applications where ultra-clean tape is not required.

cleanroom packaging products novastat anti-static tape
NovaStat Anti-Static Tape

NovaStat tape is a trasparent tape specially designed for use in ESD-sensitive environments.

cleanroom packaging products tape
PCX Cleanroom Tape

The polyethylene film with acrylic adhesive is ideal for cleanroom applications because of its non-out-gassing characteristic.