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ESD Tape

MNASTPC-C | Anti-Static Clear Tape

NovaStat tape is a transparent tape specially designed for use in ESD-sensitive environments. NovaStat tapes serve a number of purposes and is widely used for sealing and packaging, as it will not create a static charge. The tape comes in a variety of widths on a plastic core. Rolls include either lengths of 36 or 72 yards of tape. Only clear, transparent tape available.

MN-CGT | Conductive Grid Tape

A special polypropylene tape layered with a non-sparking, anti-static surface on the inner and outer layers of the tape. Conductive grids are embedded between the two anti-static layers. Provides an effective static shield as well as preventing static build-up.

Cleanroom Tapes

We carry a full line of cleanroom tapes in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. View all lines of cleanroom tapes here.

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Anti-Static Clear Tape
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Conductive Grid Tape
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