Cleanroom Wipes do for surfaces what cleanroom HEPA filters do for the air by effectively picking up wet and dry contaminants and holding them for disposal.

We will help you achieve USP 797 compliance with our selection of cotton, polyester, poly-cellulose blends, nylon, pre-saturated, sponge, and micro-fiber wipes which come in in many sizes to meet your cleanroom needs.


When selecting a wipe for your application consider:

  • Absorbency
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Abrasiveness
  • Cleanliness
  • Durability
  • ESD Properties
  • Porosity
  • Size
  • Sterilization Ability
  • Temperature Compatibility


Browse the categories below or contact us for help choosing an appropriate wipe. 

Twill Jean Wipe
Cotton Wipes

Our cotton wipes are highly absorbent and low-linting.

cleanroom cleaning supplies nylon wipes
Nylon Wipes

Packed in a clean environment, our cleanroom ready nylon gloves resist degradation and particulates.

Poly Cell Wipe Cleaning a Spill
Poly-Cellulose Wipes

The combination of resistant polyester and absorbent cellulose makes these wipes ideal for abrasive cleanroom situations.

Polyester Cleanroom Wipes
Polyester Wipes

Our woven polyester wipes provide low-linting absorbency ideal for cleanroom environments.

Canister of Presaturated Wipes
Pre-saturated Wipes

Make cleaning surfaces and equipment easy with our selection of pre-saturated wipes.

cleanroom cleaning supplies specialty wipes
Specialty Wipes

We offer a collection of wipes for unique handling situations.

cleanroom cleaning supplies sponge foam wipes
Sponge / Foam Wipes

Our sponges are useful for a number of both dry and wet applications.