• Polypropylene Pass Through Window - 18P
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Polypropylene Pass Through Window


These wall mounted, polypropylene pass throughs are installed at standing height and allow the transfer of supplies without the personnel traffic that could potentially cross contaminate the workspace.


These pass throughs are constructed with a solid plastic polypropylene that contains no particle board. White, half inch polypropylene sheets are welded together to create a durable pass through that won’t chip, crack, or promote bacterial growth.

*** Includes Mechanical Interlocks with stainless steel T-Handles and stainless steel Trim Kits.

The heavy duty stainless steel framed door with stainless steel continuous hinges ensures the door won’t warp or crack and reduces the surface area on which contamination can accumulate. Pass through doors are also outfitted with a tempered safety glass viewing window, closed cell PVC door gasket, and a 90 degree turn knob latch to secure a strong seal.

Additional Options

This polypropylene pass through is only recommended when using certain harsh chemicals that are corrosive with stainless steel  The stainless steel version is our most common model and is also offered with a built-in HEPA filter.

Also available in custom sizes and configurations.


Common accessories include:

  • Door Options, Sliding Doors
  • Shelves
  • HEPA/ULPA Filters

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