Cleanroom Cleaning Supplies

Optimal surface cleanliness in any controlled environment is key. CleanroomSupply offers a range of cleanroom supplies, including vacuum cleaners, cleansers, disinfectants, mops and buckets, cleanroom wipes, sponges and shoe cleaners. Whether your cleanroom is class 100,000 or class 10 we have the cleanroom supplies that you need to keep your controlled environment clean. Our variety of cleanroom wipes and mop fabrics provide the best cleaning for the job – from low linting and super absorbent for hi-tech facilities to autoclavable and chemically resistant for sterile environments.

Many of the products listed in this section can be used to achieve compliance of USP 797.

Cleanroom Cleaning Supplies Adhesive Tacky Rollers
Adhesive / Tacky Rollers

Adhesive rollers are a quick, sure way of removing particles from all surfaces.

Cleanroom Cleaning Supplies Alcohol

Our alcohol includes 70%, 99% and reagent grades.

Cleanroom Cleaning Supplies Brooms Brushes
Brooms / Brushes

100% SYNTHETIC FLOOR BRUSHES CleanroomSupply carries Perfex brooms to fit all cleanroom needs.

Cleanroom Cleaning Supplies Buckets Wringers
Buckets & Wringers

We offer plastic and stainless steel buckets and wringers, with or without casters, for cleanroom use.

Cleanroom Cleaning Supplies Startup Kit
Cleanroom Startup Kit

Don't know what you need to get started? Let us put together a start up kit for you.

cleanroom cleaning supplies disinfectants detergents chemicals water
Disinfectants/ Detergents/ Chemicals/ Water

Disinfectants/ Detergents/ Chemicals

Picture of Cleanroom Dispensing Bottles
Dispensing Bottles

We carry Right-to-Know Safety Bottles which are color coded and clearly labeled for the corresponding chemical's within any cleanroom.

cleanroom cleaning supplies esd cleaning products
ESD Cleaning Products

We carry a variety of static dissipative cleaners and floor care products

cleanroom cleaning supplies lotions sanitizers
Lotions & Sanitizers

We provide a wide range of hand cleaners and lotions for general or specific cleanroom needs.

Cleanroom Mop - Stainless Steel

We can provide you with the right mop for your specific cleanroom needs, from lint free string mops to absorbent man-made fibers with stainless steel handles. Other Related Items Click Here for Mop ...

picture of an automatic shoe cleaner
Shoe Cleaners

Our motorized, automatic shoe cleaners remove harmful particles before entering the cleanroom.

cleanroom cleaning supplies sponges

We offer sponges in a variety of materials and sizes.

cleanroom cleaning supplies spray bottles
Spray Bottles

Spray bottles offer an easy means of dispensing liquids without spills.

cleanroom cleaning supplies squeegee

Squeegees remove heavy amounts of liquid from floors or surfaces, so the area can be quickly dried

cleanroom cleaning supplies vacuum cleaners
Vacuum Cleaners & Accessories

We proudly offer the Nilfisk line of vacuums, including wet/dry, for your cleanroom.

Cleanroom Wipes

Cleanroom Wipes do for surfaces what cleanroom HEPA filters do for the air by effectively picking up wet and dry contaminants and holding them for disposal. We will help you achieve USP 797 compliance...