Cleanroom Air Shower
Cleanroom Air Showers

CleanroomSupply cleanroom airshowers are designed to effectively and efficiently remove surface contamination from both people and products.

Lab Worker Putting on Disposable Cleanroom Apparel
Cleanroom Apparel

CleanroomSupply offers a wide variety of both disposable cleanroom apparel as well as reusable, launderable garments to protect your cleanroom processes in all controlled environments.

cleanroom vacuum
Cleanroom Cleaning Supplies

Optimal surface cleanliness in any controlled environment is key. CleanroomSupply offers a range of cleanroom supplies, including vacuum cleaners, cleansers, disinfectants, mops and buckets, cleanroom...

Cleanroom Components
Cleanroom Components

CleanroomSupply can provide all the cleanroom components needed to create a class 100,000 (ISO 8) to class 10 (ISO 4) vertical flow or horizontal flow cleanroom.

Cleanroom Furniture Display - Chair

We carry cleanroom furniture perfect for use in cleanrooms, static control areas, and laboratories. Furniture Selections Categories consist of chairs, stools, workstations, and tables.

Cleanbench: cleanroom workbench

CleanroomSupply offers a wide range of both vertical and horizontal flow cleanbenches.

Cleanroom Documentation
Cleanroom Documentation

CleanroomSupply provides cleanrooms with paper that will reduce the risk of contamination and increased product yield.

Cleanroom Instrumentation | Ion Air Top Gun
Cleanroom Instrumentation

CleanroomSupply offers a wide selection of cleanroom instrumentation to measure air velocity, particles, pressure, temperature, static and UV.

modular cleanroom systems
Modular Cleanrooms

CleanroomSupply offers a complete selection of portable and modular cleanrooms in both hardwall or softwall configurations.


Store your moisture-sensitive items in a desiccator. These sealable dry chambers are available in stainless steel or plastic, and can be outfitted with a number of different accessories.

Fume Hoods & Glove Boxes
Fume Hoods & Glove Boxes

The cleanroom fume hoods and cleanroom glove boxes supplied by CleanroomSupply are constructed of several different materials, depending upon your particular application’s needs.

Gloves worn by lab worker

Latex and Nitrile Gloves CleanroomSupply offers disposable cleanroom gloves in latex, nitrile, and vinyl designed for use in critical Class 10 to Class 100,000 Sterile and Industrial Environments.

Gowning Room Components
Gowning Room Components

CleanroomSupply can supply all the cleanroom equipment you need to set up your gowning room.

Cleanroom Mats Picture

CleanroomSupply can supply you with a wide variety of cleanroom mats.

Packaging Products Cleanroom Tape
Packaging Products

CleanroomSupply can supply a variety of materials for cleanroom bags. If you need Tyvek, moisture barrier, ESD, foil, polyethylene, flat, gusseted, pouch style, or tubing we can provide the right clea...

Spray Guns
Spray Guns

CleanroomSupply offers Nitrogen and DI Water PTFE Cleanroom Spray Guns. These Cleanroom Spray Guns deliver the optimum in anti-corrosion protection and long lasting cleanroom duty.

Bench Top ESD Blower
ESD Static Control

CleanroomSupply offers a complete selection of ESD safe cleanroom products to assist in your static control needs. Selections Meters and other instruments for determining static voltage levels, pola...

Storage Shelves - Eagle

CleanroomSupply offers a wide selection of cleanroom and ESD storage products for both cleanroom and non-cleanroom applications.

Cleanroom Swabs & Applicators Picture

Rugged Cleanroom Swabs that will stand up to Solvents and Hard Use.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning

CleanroomSupply offers a variety of small and medium sized tabletop and flush mounted ultrasonic cleanroom cleaning products.

Ultraviolet Equipment
Ultraviolet Equipment

CleanroomSupply offers a wide selection of UV light cleanroom equipment and cleanroom supplies for use in contamination inspection or germicidal requirements.

USP 797 Compliance
USP 797 - Compliance

CleanroomSupply can provide the cleanroom equipment needed to modify an existing pharmacy to comply with USP 797 cleanroom requirements.

Wafer Handling
Wafer Handling

CleanroomSupply offers a wide selection of cleanroom equipment for the handling, inspecting and storage of wafers, flat screens and other cleanroom devices.

Wet Process Station
Wet Process Station

CleanroomSupply can provide a wide selection of wet process stations, cleanroom equipment components, and cleanroom accessories.


Cleanroom Wipes do for surfaces what cleanroom HEPA filters do for the air. Cleanroom Wipes effectively pick up wet and dry contaminants and hold them for disposal.