We provide launderable cleanroom apparel in a variety of materials and configurations.  These reusable garments reduce cost, provide comfort & durability, and are available in designs to meet most cleanroom applications, including static safety and Class 10 particle requirements.  Reusable garments are also available in electro-static dissipative ChemStat® 909A - protects against ESD.

Selections | Launderable

Our line of launderable garments includes but is not limited to aprons, coveralls, lab coats, boot covers, shoe covers, face veils, and hoods. Browse the categories below to learn more about each.

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Laundrable Cleanroom Boot Covers
Boot Covers

Our selection of knee-high boot covers assure that traffic through your enviornment does not contaminate your workspace.

Laundrable Cleanroom Coveralls

CleanroomSupply's launderable coveralls provide an adjustable fit that permits users to be comfortable while maintaining a clean environment.

Laundrable Cleanroom Face Veils
Face Veils

Call us at 888-270-0458 for product information, availability and pricing. Or simply Contact CleanroomSupply to let us know your specific requirements. We will promptly respond to your request.

Laundrable Cleanroom Hoods

Our hoods come in tafetta, Maxima ESD, or C3 material, as well as a variety of sizes and styles including eyes only or open face models.

Laundrable Cleanroom Lab Coats
Lab Coats

We offer a series of lab coats constructed from knitted polyester, poly-cotton-nylon blends, C3, Maxima ESD, or other lightweight fabrics.

Laundrable Cleanroom Shoe Covers
Shoe Covers

Our launderable tafetta, C3, or Maxima ESD shoe covers allow you to eliminate contamination from traffic passing through your cleanroom and reduce waste associated with disposable apparel.