Curtains & Plastic Strip Doors

CleanroomSupply can meet all your cleanroom curtain needs with either solid curtain panels or strip doors. Our curtains and strip doors constructed from virgin vinyl can be employed as cleanroom framing or as additions that help to create, improve, and maintain the pressure and high standard of a cleanroom. Installing our curtains or strip panels in a doorway can help protect against contaminants, loss of air pressure, and temperature fluctuations outside of the critical environment.  

From low out gassing cleanroom curtains for those critical cleanroom environments to sound blocking curtains, CleanroomSupply offers curtains or plastic strip doors to meet your cleanroom or environment’s needs. CleanroomSupply’s cleanroom curtains are available in a wide array of styles and colors including clear, frosted, black, white, blue, beige, and grey. Sliding cleanroom curtains are available in accordion or solid panel designs. Both panel models are easily installed with mounting clips to your cleanroom ceiling’s T-bar grid or with mounting hardware to match your application.

cleanroom curtain accessories

CleanroomSupply provides the accessories for any cleanroom curtain or plastic strip door application.

clean room curtain panels
Cleanroom Curtain Panels

CleanroomSupply can provide a variety of solid cleanroom curtain panels as a convenient method of enclosing your cleanroom area.

clean room plastic strip doors
Cleanroom Plastic Strip Curtains

CleanroomSupply offers a selection of plastic strip doors to satisfy your cleanroom or critical environment’s needs be they low out gassing cleanroom curtains or blocking curtains.

Mounting Options
Mounting Options

CleanroomSupply can supply an assortment of accessories to make the installation of your cleanroom curtains or strip doors easy and efficient.

Our plastic strip curtains and doors also feature a selection of customizable options including anti-static or static dissipative materials as well as a variety of curtain thicknesses. With our selection of curtains and plastic strip doors, CleanroomSupply offers the most economical cleanroom solutions to environmental separation problems such as cold, heat, humidity, dust, ultraviolet light, laser, and noise. Many of the products listed in this section can be used to achieve compliance of USP 797.

Beyond that, our curtains and strip doors are shipped flat, include a lifetime warranty, and install and are replaced easily and efficiently. CleanroomSupply also supplies T-bar clips, valences, roller tracks, and other mounting equipment, along with other curtain and strip door accessories.

Please contact an CleanroomSupply representative today for assistance in selecting the cleanroom curtains or strip doors best suited for your application and environment.