• Economy Pass Through with Optional Clear PVC Double Hinged Door
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Economy Pass Through


Reduce traffic traveling into and out of the critical environment and eliminate consequent contamination by incorporating a Wall Mounted Economy Pass Through into your cleanroom design. Installed at standing height, wall mount pass throughs make it easy to transfer your small equipment or materials to and from the clean environment.


This pass through is made of sheets of 1/2 inch white stress relief polypropylene that is welded together. The solid plastic polypropylene is superior to formica in that it contains no particle board and withstands cracking, chipping, and delaminating which all can lead to the growth of bacteria.

These economy pass through models feature a clear polycarbonate door which attaches to the shell via a continuous stainless steel hinge, reducing the area for potential contamination accumulation. Each pass through is ensured an excellent, long term, high quality door seal with the closed cell PVC door gasket and 90 degree turn adjustable latch.

Economy pass throughs may be customized with a variety of options including trim kits and shelves. However, mechanical interlocks are not available with these models.

Pass Through Options:

  • Stainless Steel Trim Kits
  • Clear PVC Door Material
  • Shelves
  • Double Hinged Doors***

**Mechanical Interlocks NOT available for Economy Pass Throughs
 ***Pass through picture is shown with optional clear PVC double hinged door

Need a mechanical interlock or different materials? Try our standard models listed below:


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