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Cleanroom Curtain Clear -.040 mil

[Standard Vinyl]

Enclose your cleanroom space with this clear, solid panel cleanroom curtain. Each panel is .040 mil thick and comes in 48” widths that may be heat sealed together to create a solid curtain.  Curtains are priced per horizontal  linear foot. This sealing not only allows the creation of virtually any width, but also provides a bond both stronger and cleaner than a sewn seam. Curtains can also be cut to a variety of different lengths between 12" and 180" long. Please call your Sales Representative if your desired length does not appear below.

The price of each curtain includes a choice of mounting option. Either a Flatwall Hookbead (FWHB) or In-Jamb Hookbead (IJHB) curtain mounting is included. Pictures of these respective mountings are featured below.

Other available mounting options sold separately include T-Bar Clips which can be used to attach curtains to a preexisting ceiling grid, and roller tracks which allow mobilization of your curtains as well as the creation of entryways for your cleanroom. See our Accessories page for more options.

Additional materials and colors:

Standard Colors Opaque (40480-XXD)

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Beige
  • Grey

Standard Frosted (40480-XXG)

Standard Tinted

  • Amber
  • Smoke-Grey
  • Orange

Polysim (40480-XXB)

While this standard curtain is made of clear vinyl, other colors and vinyl finishes are available to help you customize cleanroom. Frosted, opaque, and tinted colored curtains are also available. These options are listed below. In addition to these, special polysim material is offered for critical applications related to the prevention of plastic out gassing. This polysim material is permanently static dissipative urethane that provides ESD protection even without humid conditions. Our polysim material contains no plasticizer and is Class 1 fire rated for flame spread and smoke test.  

Our cleanroom curtains ship flat, not rolled; come insured with a 1 year warranty, and are easily installed or replaced. We also supply other curtain accessories and mounting equipment including T-bar clips, valences, and roller tracks.

Curtains are priced per linear foot. Please contact us with any questions or concerns related to cleanroom curtains.

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