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DI Water Spray Gun - Recirculating


This recirculating hand assembly includes a hand held recirculating spray gun, a recirculating tube, a source hose, and interconnecting and source fittings. The recirculating water spray gun is made of high density PTFE and features a 3/8” FNPT inlet thread. Upon request, water spray guns may also be privately labeled. This gun does not require o-rings, o-ring lubricants, metal springs, or porous materials. Without these parts and with the inclusion of an all-Teflon recirculation path capable of producing an operating pressure of 75 psi, the recirculating spray gun is better equipped to maintain the critical environment as the potential for bacterial growth within the gun is considerably reduced.

Both the interconnecting and source fittings are male parts with 3/8” tube and MNPT measurements and are constructed from Teflon. The source fitting also comes with a special nut and ferrule set on a branch, which enables users to clamp the inner recirculating tube.

The recirculating tube made of Teflon is bendable and measures 1/8” OD x 1/16” ID with a 10” length. The source hose is also fabricated from Teflon tubing. Two assemblies, each with a different type of hose, are available.

RECIRC-101: The C6-FEP tubing with PTFE fittings and PTFE recirculating tube are included with this assembly. This hose has a 3/8” OD and a coiled design that enables it to be retractable and compact for easy storage while providing length and flexibility to accommodate a variety of cleaning situations. The hose, which is 7.5” long when relaxed, can be stretched to double its length.

RECIRC-102: This model comes with 308 tubing with PTFE fittings and PTFE recirculating tube. Measuring 3/8” ID x 1/2” OD, this long bendable PTFE hose's is 8 feet long, providing extra reach and flexibility to accommodate a variety of cleaning situations. 

Replacements for hoses and tubes are available. Please contact CleanroomSupply with any questions regarding specifications and applications for water spray guns.

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