• Disposable Hairnet
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Disposable hairnets including superfine nylon “Stockinet” mesh and heavyweight nylon 1/16” hole mesh are a more breathable option than bouffant caps when hair restraint is necessary but particles are not a concern. Hairnets are not generally used within cleanrooms (see bouffant caps for hair restraint within a cleanroom).

Material Options

  • "Stockinet" - white stockinet, extra soft, fine mesh nylon, flame-resistant
  • Heavyweight Nylon - white, soft heavyweight nylon, 1/16” hole, honeycomb, flame-resistant.

Color: White

Sizes and Packaging

Both styles are available in 21" or 24" and sold by the case only.

100/bag, 10 bags/case.



Note: The Heavyweight 1/16" hole style is also offered in black, brown, and blue. Contact us if those colors are needed.

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