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  • Gowning Rack Bench with Optional Shoe Rack
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Gowning Rack with Bench


This innovative gowning rack combines the hanging and storage purposes of a normal gowning rack with the seating of a gowning bench. Each unit features an 18" high and 18" deep blue polymer bench area in widths of 36", 48", and 60" as well as a 12" deep chrome cantilever wire shelf positioned above. Situated on 74" long posts marked in one inch increments, the shelf can be adjusted to a convenient and appropriate height for your application. Included with each gowning rack combination are 4 chrome hangers and 4 large chrome snap hooks for holding garment hangers, as well as four triangular footplates to increase bench stability. A shoe storage rack for underneath the bench is also available upon request.


  • 18" high bench with footplates available in 36", 48", or 60" lengths
  • 74" high wire chrome cantilever shelf
  • 4 chrome hangers
  • 4 large chrome snap hooks.
  • Shoe storage rack beneath bench (optional)

Also available in Stainless Steel. Please contact us to discuss gowning rack options and other cleanroom needs.

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