• Nitrile Glove Class 100 M3.5
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Nitrile Glove 9.5" Class 100 M3.5


The TechniPak is a unique plastic PVC dispenser box housing 5 mil thick powder free gloves designed for use in controlled environments. With the clean TechniPak, particulates resulting from paper boxes are reduced. The TechniPak also cleans easily with a wipe for wet applications.

These 9.5" Techniglove Class M3.5 (100) Nitrile Gloves are manufactured, packaged, and tested in an ISO 9001:2000 facility, ready for the cleanroom. Upon request, on line batch certification can be provided. Potential for allergic reactions is eliminated with these gloves whose construction contains no natural rubber or silicone. The gloves’ powder free quality also reduces the risk of skin irritation as well as the chances of powder contamination of the work area. 

For enhanced grip, the fingertips of the gloves feature a Micro-Grip texture. This texture in combination with the gloves’ beaded cuff makes donning and removing the gloves easy and prevents them from rolling down during use. The nitrile material also fits and feels comfortable and soft against the skin.

Gloves are available in a blue color. They are sold by the case. Each case contains 10 TechniPak boxes of 100 gloves. 

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