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Perfex Pad Mops

[Perfex Pad Mops]

Pad Holder

Unique swivel allows pad holder to twist and turn to get at hard to reach areas. Eliminate stooping when cleaning floors and baseboards. Reach walls, windows and ceilings without climbing a ladder. Holder is easy to clean and sanitize. Simply attach a pad to the Velcro base holder and you are ready to reach those inaccessible areas.

  • Pad Holder - No. PF-5000

Scrubbing Pads

These scrubbing pads attach to the swiveling pad holder listed above. The scrubbing pads are USDA Approved and are 9" long and 6" wide. Pads are priced and sold by the case (20 pads/case).

  • No. 5200 - Light duty (White)
  • No. 5300 - Medium Duty (Red)
  • No. 5400 - Heavy Duty (Blue)

Polymer Adjustable Handles

Use with our 5, 12, and 18 foot extension handles. The Polymer Adjustable Handles are an adjustable, lightweight, telescopic handle made of high quality polyester and composite materials using pull-wound technology. Handle is very durable and exceptionally lightweight. Super smooth finish is pleasant to touch, impervious to water, grease, gasoline, detergents, sanitizers and solvents. Will not rot, corrode or oxidize. The 12 foot handle stores at 77" and the 18 foot handle stores at 100". 

  • No. 8800 - 34" to 62" adjustable handle
  • No. 8612 - 72" to 144" adjustable handle (12 feet)
  • No. 8618 - 100" to 216" adjustable handle (18 feet)

These Handles Are Also Compatible With

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