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Plastic Label Holders

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Make managing your storage space easy and organized with the use of our plastic shelf labels. Label holders come in an assortment of lengths and colors and hold labels ranging from 1 to 1.25" in height. The holders assemble easily, simply snapping to the lip of the shelf.

Select your desired length and color when you order. Label lengths and corresponding shelf lengths are listed in the table below. Please note 67" label holders are available in clear only.

Label Holder and Shelf Lengths
Label Holder Length Fits Shelf Size
3" All
13" 18"
19" 24"
25" 30"
31" 36"
37" 42"
43" 48"
45" 48"
55" 60"
67" 72"


Available Options:

  • Color:
    • Black
    • Gray
    • Clear
  • Label Length: