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Sticky Mats

Reduce Contamination with a Cleanroom Sticky Mat

Keep contaminants out of your cleanroom with an individually numbered, peel off sticky mat. Ideal for the entry into cleanroom areas, each adhesive mat has 30 layers of a tough thin polyethylene film that is coated with a medium-tack adhesive to remove dirt and bacteria-carrying particles from shoes, casters, and cart wheels before entry into the clean environment.

The mats are available with an adhesive backing to secure directly to the floor. In areas where the adhesive backing is not ideal, CleanroomSupply has aluminum sticky mat frames to secure the mats to; which also improves the look and portability of the mats.

Each sticky mat has a corner tab numbered consecutively 1-30 to assure that only one layer is peeled off at a time. There are 30 sheets per mat and 4 mats per case.

Sticky Mat Features:

  • Each cleanroom tack mat has 30 layers of tacky polyethylene film.
  • Each sheet is numbered, showing the number of sheets left.
  • Various sticky mat sizes are available to protect any size of entry.
  • Full surface adhesive backing to secure direct to the floor without the need of a frame.
  • Blue and white mats are in stock.

*Our peel off sticky mats are also available in custom colors, sizes, put-up’s (40 sheets/mat, 6 mats/case), and/or designs such as your company’s logo. Contact us here with questions.

Volume discounts available for many of our sticky mat sizes and colors.

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