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Straight Roll-O-Matic Mops

[Roll-O-Matic 6210 & 4110]

A variety of mops to fit your application

The straight head allows you to use the entire foam head with each stroke of the handle. As you push/pull the handle against walls, floors or ceilings the entire head is used. More sponge surface area is covered, allowing for more disbursement of disinfectant or more area cleaned per mop head. Straight head design allows user to flip over mop head for extended use between wrings. In addition this mop will reduce fatigue realized when sponge mopping with the original handles.

The RM-6210 mop is 10" wide and will fit all 10" Roll-O-Matic mop refills. The 14" wide model, RM-6214, will fit all the 14" Roll-O-Matic mop refills. These fully stainless steel (RM-6210 & RM6214)  mops are fully Autoclaveable. We also offer painted galvanized steel mops in 10" and 14" widths. Like their stainless steel counterparts,  RM-4110 and the 14" wide RM-4114.  There is no additional bulky or expensive wringers needed with these mops. As a third option, we carry an extendable, aluminum mop with an straight head. This mop has an adjustable length between 58" and 76", making it easier to clean spaces that require some reach. All mops ship with cleanroom foam refill head attached. This head, as well as future replacement heads attach to the mop handle with an easy to use mounting chamber

Individual mop heads available for purchase

  • 12 per case
  • Perfect for applying disinfectant to floors, walls and ceilings.
  • Allows disinfectants to meet manufacturer recommended contact  times!
  • Mop head is packed DRY therefore allows immediate reduction of contaminants found in similar cellulose mop heads.
  • Excellent absorption capability and tear resistance; sponges will absorb and retain over 30 times it own weight in water or disinfectant solution.
  • Fully autoclavable and surpasses the ASTM D-3574-81 test standard of 250o F at 15 PSI
  • Easily attaches to mop handle. Simply squeeze the handle and align the mop head!

Complete line of Roll-O-Matic mop heads available these include microfiber covers and other sponge material.

Please note that we no longer carry RM-4114R. We instead offer RM-119655-G.

Please note that we no longer carry RM-120846. We instead offer RM-122910.


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