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Top Gun Ion Air Gun, 7' or 14' Cable / Hose

[4005105 & 4006599]

Balanced to 0 +/- 15V, the Top Gun Ion Air Gun features high blow-off force to provide efficient cleaning and rapid static charge decay. A 0.01 micron filter at the exit of the gun ensures the air is clean. The Top Gun Ion Air Gun body is lightweight but durable. It features a light-touch trigger, making it comfortable even for extended use. All functionality is built into the Top Gun Ion Air Gun: a flow control valve, a balance adjustment for calibration, and a two level LED which indicates both power and ionization. Maximum pressure 100 PSI.

This gun comes with a 7' or 14' cable and hose. The Top Gun Ion Air Gun and cable are static dissipative. A hanger is provided for easy mounting.

Features include: * Filter at gun exit to ensure clean air * Lightweight ergonomic design for user comfort * Adjustable airflow control * Remote activation of ionization and air flow * Ionization verification indicator light

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