• Tyvek Frock Lab Coat, Snap Front, Elastic Wrists
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Tyvek Frock / Lab Coat, Snap Front


These disposable Frocks / Lab Coats made from Tyvek are suitable with cleanrooms of Class 10,000 and higher. They have no pockets, five snaps in front, elastic wrists, and a collar. Set sleeve design with underarm gussets (extra fabric) allows greater arm movement. Serged seams.

Color: White

What is Tyvek?

Tyvek spunbonded olefin is a unique, nonwoven material. Resistant to penetration, it is chemically and biologically inert, low linting and static free until laundered.

What are Serged Seams?

Serged seams are a seam produced when three threads are interlocked around the raw edges of two pieces of material for a strong, stress-resistant seam.


  • Marginal Containment
  • Cost Effective

Suitable in most class 10,000 operations. Sold by the case. 30 coats per case.

Note: Other disposable frock styles are available. Contact us for pricing and availability of the coats that meet your specific requirements.

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