• Cleanroom Ultrasonic Cleaner B8510
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Ultrasonic Cleaner, Mechanical Timer and Heater


This ultrasonic cleaner with a mechanical timer and heater allows you to control your cleaning program and utilize the cleaner for other applications such as homogenization, degassing, cell lysing, or particle dispersion. The knob on the front of the cleaner allows the cleaner to be set for 60 minute periods or on continuous operation. The temperature of the cleaner can be adjusted to as high as 69 C/156.2 F. Built-in pour-drains make it easy to empty the cleaner tank following a cleaning cycle. Larger tanks in models 3800, 5800, and 8800 have tank drains with valves instead.

Many accessories are also available to customize your ultrasonic cleaner for your application.

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Mechanical Timer and Heater 

Frequency: 40 kHz
Tank Cover: Included
Warranty: Two Years
Voltage: 120V
Options: 230/240 volt for international applications.

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