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Vertical Laminar Flow Cleanbench

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Vertical Laminar Flow Hood Configurations:

The Series 412 vertical laminar flow cleanbenches are specifically designed to create a freestanding ultra-clean mini-environment. These cleanbenches, or mini-environments, are available in a variety of sizes and styles engineered to provide excellent solutions for many air filtration applications. The cleanbench is available in 5 configurations.

MODE 0 (Open style) -interior is open, no work surface. This is useful for the workface to be totally isolated from the vertical flow hood (vibration free, inspection). It is also excellent where one wants to space some equipment inside of a class 100 or class 10 environment.

MODE W0 (wash out) - a solid work surface is built into the cleanbench. The air flow surrounds any objects with clean air and blow out the front. The work surface can be plastic laminate, ESD laminate or stainless steel.

MODE WT (wash thru) - the work surface is perforated stainless steel. The air flows through the table surface in a true vertical laminar flow pattern.

MODE E (exhaust) -a unique combination of cleanbench and fume hood. Interior of bench is class 100 for product production. All air is exhausted for personnel protection. Numerous accessories or options are available to create a fume hood or wet process station.

MODE ER (exhaust/recirculation) similar to exhaust style but a dampering system permits some of the air to be recirculated back through the blower.

Vertical flow hoods can be used in conjunction with cleanrooms to create mini environments. They can also be used in lieu of or supplemental to a clean room.

Often times in larger cleanrooms, there are a few “critical clean” areas. It is sometimes more cost effective to build a lower class cleanroom and supplement it with cleanbenches, than it is to create a higher class cleanroom. This is especially true when over 60% of a typical cleanroom floor space is area where clean manufacturing or storage does not occur.

Vertical Laminar Flow Cleanbench Features:

  • Standard white enamel finish provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • HEPA filter is 99.99% efficient
  • Open frame design
  • All-metal welded filter module
  • Structural shell components are of 16 gauge cold rolled steel
  • Support frame is heavy-duty 2 x 4 in. steel tubing
  • Horizontal cross bracing is 2 x 2 in. steel tubing
  • Cool white fluorescent lamps
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of the NEC electrical codes; All standard components are UL rated
  • Air flow velocity is factory set in accordance with Federal Standard 209E (90 ±20 FPM)
  • Standard sized disposable fiberglass prefilter
  • Three-piece access panels are easily removable and allow service to the top cabinet from the front, top or rear of the unit
  • Extensive list of options available

Custom made to meet your needs. Request a quote below or contact CleanroomSupply for pricing at 888-270-0458.