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A Work-Zone Flooring

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Gray Work Zone mat is a heavy duty washable contamination control floor covering, specifically designed to remove and retain wheelborne contamination in controlled areas subject to heavy wheeled traffic such as forklifts, pallet trucks, large trolleys and carts that may be too large for peel off adhesive mats. Dycem recommends the use of Work Zone in Access corridors and airlocks linking warehouses; Packaging areas to manufacturing or materials and components holding areas.

Prevents over 99% of viable/non viable contamination from entering your critical area. Increases Product Yield and reduces consumable costs. No Outgassing, non-toxic and no DOP/Silicon Guaranteed for two years. Heavy duty, long lasting and easy to maintain. Unavoidable and cannot be bypassed. Easy to install Sealed bevelled edges for safety.

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    • 10' x 6'6"
    • 20' x 6'6"
    • 30' x 6'6"
    • 40' x 6'6"