• cleanroom spray gun water front trigger
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DI Water Spray Gun Rear Trigger Assembly



Our spray gun assemblies provide a high quality option for harsh chemical conditions while defending against corrosion. This water spray gun assembly includes a PFTE poly spray gun, hose, and interconnecting and source fittings. The water spray gun comes with a 1/2" Female NPT inlet thread and boasts a maximum operating pressure of 75 psi. The gun’s front trigger allows users to regulate water flow. Threaded nozzles or a 3/8” Female NPT threaded cap enabling attachment of custom spray patterns sold separately are also available for the spray gun.

Contact one of our sales representatives regarding for assistance with selecting a water spray gun assembly apt for your application. 

  • Gun: SG-102 with rear trigger
  • Hose: C6-FEP
  • Interconnecting Fitting: MC-F-66
  • Source Fitting: MC-F-66
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