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  • cleanroom mats washable sticky permatack
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PermaTack Ultimate Performance


A high performance, industrial strength contamination control mat, PermaTack is ideal for inside and outside critical areas such as cleanrooms in the following industrys: Industial, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Semi-conductor and Food Production. The permanently tacky surface is designed to remove even the finest particles off shoes or wheels. In fact 98% to 100% of all such contamination will be removed if each foot touches the mat 3 times - generally this requires a minimum length of 20'.

PermaTack is also a great dirt control solution in heavy use, less critical areas such as offices, labs, inspection rooms or any area where the tracking of dirt and small debris can be a maintenance nightmare.

Key Features:

  • When cleaned, the surface will regenerate its tack. to clean, just mop with water or a low Ph cleaner such as Simple Green. Squeegee the extra moisture off the mat and allow the mat to dry.
  • PermaTack's super polymer surface is bonded to a durable base that provides stability and long-lasting performance. PermaTack has an adhesive backing that prevents mat movement and eliminates the need for a supplemental tray.
  • PermaTack is a "green" product and can be used to replace multiple layer tacky mats. With no sheets to throw away, there is much less waste.

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